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'--show me how you cat?' the bard wondered, his eyes quite disbelieving.

'What;s in it for me?' the rogue replied, his hands on his hips.

'I can get you more and better paints,' the bard offered.  'I want to learn your techniques.'

'Some of them take longer to learn than others.  but...this is how I cat.'

The bard watched with interest as the faintly homely rogue applied his skills and became one of the most famed courtesans in the Vavardi quarter.

'now,' the rogue said, his voice vanished into hers, 'you'll have to come here.  Once you understand, then I will teach you how to cat in return.'

The bard's breath caught; he was not one for men, but this...this was temptation beyond what any man could bear.  'Oh yes, teach me every--'
This is How I Cat
I blame the bards, and someone whose mind goes straight ot the guttre
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(Contains: sexual themes)
--she peered through the cracked doors of her closet.  She would catch
the fiend that was defiling her hats!  The long feathered hat with
'imported' feather from the protectorates, the silk hat stiffened with
cashmere felt, the fur hat she rarely wore from Vandago...stained.  All of
them.  Ahh, sunset.  Normally she would be entertaining the delegation from
Tubor on the roof; they have such stamina, she thought with fondness.  They
pressed their petitions so fervently.  Wait, something moved.  Was it?
Could it be?  Her butler?!  In a lady's gown--HER gown!  --he was hanging
her latest hat upon her bedpost, a broad brimmed stiffened felt hat from
Farin that bore many wax fruit and felted animals in parade.  She watched
as he stroked it oh so tenderly, lovingly feeling each of the fruit in
turn.  ...he had no codpiece!  She stifled her gasp at such brazen abuse
of her gown, and stared as he pressed himself against her hat, driving--
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--begged the question, how did a noble obtain the hated Order's robes of
the jay?  No, cardinal.  One of those strange birds in the northlands.  And
with the rear cut away?  What could he--ahh, that mysterious note, the odd
request, the...lard.  Someone knew...  Who could have found out?  His loins
burned with his shame, his unnatural desires...  The noble turned, a mask
upon his features, just as he wore one of his own.

"I see you are troubled, my child," the noble said, stumbling slightly over the strange
address.  "Come, let me minister to you."

"...i have the lard, father."

"Excellent, my child.  Turn, that you may receive my blessings."

"thank you, fath--
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
There was an old lady who liked it slow
but all of the men said, 'fuck?  no!'
at first she cried
then remembered the tide
and with floating wood the sea loved her high and low.


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